Tietz Family Farms Popcorn

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Tietz Family Farms is a family owned and operated farm located in the fertile Rock River Valley just outside Watertown, Wisconsin. Their specialty is delicious, homegrown popcorn. 

Tietz Family Farm's popcorn dries naturally on the cob. It is not force dried or commercially processed. Their specialty popcorn is harvested on the ear.  This gives the popcorn a light and fresh natural corn taste.

Our favorite way to enjoy Tietz Popcorn is by drizzling it with North County Olive Oil's flavored olive oils.


Ruby Red: Small, crispy, tender flakes with a little crunch. Light nutty flavor

Shaman Blue: Subtly sweet, crunchy, white flakes of varying sizes

Calico: Natural cross-pollination creates a delicious blend of taste and texture

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